Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free Find: Portland Art Museum

 Hello there all,

Who doesn't love a good free adventure? I am a sucker for anything free especially when it comes to fun experiences! I am always looking for neat things to do that can be a nice inexpensive adventure, and when those adventures are free, it makes my heart sing.

From the exhibit "Forbidden Fruit"

The Mister and I happened upon the Portland Art Museum's Free Friday which (the fourth Friday of every month) . The Museum is free from 5-8pm. It is a perfectly wonderful idea for a cheap date or a great place to introduce kiddos to art. It seems to be an especially wonderful opportunity to take kiddos because you don't have to worry about bolting if they get fussy because you didn't pay for it!

This piece is called The Rodeo, but the Mister thinks it looks like Gollum attacking. I have to agree.

The Mister says it is an alien black market, and I say it is a city next to the river. Who wins?

Be aware that the museum does have a lot more people than usual because it is free, but it is still a great way to expose yourself to some beauties.

This one has been one of my favorites in the past, and it still makes me swoon. The bottom is the big picture, and the top shows what makes up the actual work of art. It is pretty swoon worthy.

Go get your art on,

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