Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Current Favorite Instagram Feeds

Hello there all,

Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. I love that I can keep up with people that I care about, but I can also be exposed to wonderfully creative people through Instagram. I am constantly inspired by Instagram because of the visual content that other people put out. Some of the feeds that I follow are so full of inspiration and beauty that I thought some of you other folks would dig seeing some of their feeds.

Here are a few of my current favorite feeds:


Photo by Natalie Freeman

Photo by Natalie Freeman

This feed is ran by Natalie Freeman who along with her husband run a small farm and homestead shop. Her home is beautiful, and her eye for whimsy and rustic elements makes my heart smile. Also, her feed is so bright, cheery and fun. It is always great to see her photos.


Photo by Liz Kamarul
Photo by Liz Kamarul

Liz Kamarul is an avid thrifter, adventurer, stylist, and owner of adorable dogs this is based in Portland. What isn't there to love? I love her feed for her eclectic style where I find constant inspiration for my home.


"A soldier leans out of a train window to kiss his girl, 1950." Photo from @historyphotographed

"Buzz Aldrin is the first ever space selfie during an EVA on the Gemini 12 mission, 1966." Photo from @historyphotographed

This feed offers something quite different than the other feeds. It shows glimpses of history through photographs. Now, I understand that it might sound lame, but the photos are often unpopular photos of our past, and they are always so beautiful and/or neat introspections of our past.


Photo by Elsie Larson

Photo by Elsie Larson

Elsie Larson is one of the co-founders of the blog A Beautiful Mess. She is a creative individual that fills her feed with beautiful bits and pieces of her life in Nashville. 

I'm always looking for new accounts to become enamored with. Those are just some of my favorite,  but trust me: I have many that I love. Any accounts that you recommend? Always looking for some inspiration.

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