Saturday, January 9, 2016

Collector's Collections: Old Photographs

Hello there all,

Something you may or may not know about me is that I am a collector of many different things. Awhile back, I watched this video which talks about collecting and how creatives often are collectors because they see the beauty in so many places (I highly recommend the video because it also goes onto very interesting topics). This is why I collect so many things- I see beauty in so many different places. Also, I want to fill my environment with elements of beauty and happiness.

I'm starting a little something on here where I will share bits and pieces of some collections that I have. Some of them are much smaller (like the one that I will share today) and some are much more extensive.

The collection that I am sharing today is my collection of old photographs, and I know several people may think this is weird (and you are probably right). The photographs that I collect are ones that I feel have a story behind it. The photograph has to speak to me, and I have to feel like there is something extraordinary/unusual going on in the photo. I don't want to just have portraits of random individuals. I want to surround myself with wonderful, beautiful stories of others.

This is how I am currently displaying some of them, but I am working on a better method. It is just too cluttery/chaotic.

Here are some of the stars of the collection:

Left: I just love these two sitting together. It is such an intimate sign of affection which I don't associate with the times.
Right: I love how shy these two seem together. When I saw this, I assumed that the two cared for each other and a friend made them pose together. It embarrassed them, so the photo shows their endearing shyness.

Top left: Look at how totally independent and badass this group of women seem. They look like they are about to mess someone up.
Bottom left: The lady that is getting ready to throw an apple at the photographer just slays me. I love it.
Right: These three ladies all seem so elegant and dressed up. I imagine that they are three friends that wanted a reason to wear their wedding dresses again, so they are having a little party for the three of them.

When I found these photos, they were scattered throughout a pile of photos in an antique mall. Originally, I grouped them together because I was worried that they were going to be separated (I do this all the time at stores. Put things together that should go together or would be cute together). After marinating on it for awhile, I decided to grab them for myself. I was worried that this love story would be lost, so now, I get to carry it on for them.


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