Monday, May 11, 2015

Free Find: Leach Botanical Garden

Hello there all,

This weekend, The Mister and I were able to venture to the Leach Botanical Garden which I have been meaning to go to for about a year. Last year, I saw a sign for it while riding the Springwater Corridor, and I have been meaning to go ever since. FINALLY, I set aside a day/time to go. We decided to go on a Saturday at 11 because it has a free guided tour. You can explore the garden independently, but I strongly recommend the tour (you'll see why).

The garden is located at the former residence of the Leach couple: Lilla and John. The residence was a little over 4 acres originally and now the garden is over 15 acres with miles of trails. Lilla Leach was a celebrated and honored botanist who brought her passion to her home. The land that their house laid on is a botany garden which works as a living museum of the flora of global regions. At this garden, you will see greenery from all over the world. You will find plaques labeling the plants with their Latin name, common name, and region where they are found. The garden has several different gardens found within it: physics garden (John used this for his pharmacy), rock garden, dry garden, etc.

Gate to the garden

Behind the manor (which you can explore)

Just some neat plants alongside the manor

This cabin is the original housing of the couple (before the manor), and one of the reasons it is so worth going on the tour. You actually get to go inside (which you wouldn't if you explored independently).

Flooring of the cabin  

This garden has a bit for everybody, and it is FREE! However, we definitely donated because it was such a wonderful experience for us :).

We're excited to go again later this year to see how the garden has changed.


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