Friday, December 12, 2014


Hello there all,

I've been bad about posting lately: 'Tis the holiday season. I haven't lost pace-trust me. Just a busy girl in a holiday world.

Here is what this week has looked like around here this week:









Here is the lowdown:
1.) Finally went to Little Big Burger. The fries were delicious, but the burger was underwhelming. It was good for the style of joint, but I think that I just had too high of hopes.
2.) Went out to Alexis and we enjoyed a plethora of Greek food options with out of town friends, and we also saw a schmexy belly dancer.
3.) Had breakfast at Bipartisan Cafe. We sat at the bar style seating which was fun to watch all of the mechanics of the coffee shop. Also, they serve Water Avenue Coffee which is some of the best coffee that you will encounter in the Portland neck of the woods. Lurve.
4.) This year, we opted out for the Portland Holiday Ale fest because of a price increase, and we decided to have our own warm holiday ale fest at home. We got more beer for our money, and we got to stay warm. We got everything for this adventure at Beer Bottle Mecca: Belmont Station.
5.) Today is the Mister's birthday, but all week, I have been surprising him with little gifts in the morning. These guys are from a princess capsule growing kit. Do you see the castle?
6.) I have been hustling through the "His Dark Materials" series to hurry up and read this book. Last year, I bought this to read for this holiday season. David Sedaris NEVER disappoints, and he is one of the funniest authors...ever. I was laughing on the bus reading this. I was THAT girl.
7.) Trying to still get the house all Christmas-y. Here's a joke for you: How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas? He felt his presents!
8.) Making birthday and Christmas presents around here lately. I can't really show anything off in case if anyone looks at this, but this is a sneak at a present for a family member,


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