Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vacations are for...

Hello there all,

Being on vacation is just what the doctor has ordered for sometime.  I feel lucky to be able to finally do this thing.  Sometimes,  we need to remember to buckle down and take care of yourself.  Without stopping to breathe and relax,  you miss the ability to live. When you are in a career where you are helping others constantly,  you need to step back.  When you take care of yourself,  it allows you to take care of yourself AND others better. I need to remember to take these moments more often.

Here are just a few shots from this vacation:

Vacations are for eating delicious food.

Vacations are for seeing beautiful places and doing beautiful things.

Vacations are for doing what makes you smile.

Vacations are for sleeping in and staying up late.

Vacations are for not checking the clock and forgetting what day it is.

Vacations are for seeing cute animals.

Vacations are for being quiet in one moment and loud the next.

Most importantly: Vacations are for being with the people that you love.


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